Choosing the Best VR Headset in Canada

If you want the best vr headsets in Canada, you need to be aware that prices are not always fair for Canadians. Whether your primary concern is budget, gaming, or top of the line headsets, we will help you chose the best VR headset in Canada for you. What exactly are you looking for in a VR headset? This guide showcases the higher end gaming options that give you everything VR promises, from console gaming to PC experiences.

If you’re looking for a cheap headset, then our Cheap VR Headsets In Canada guide is the one for you. We show you options that are quality and good value. We also offer our list of the best smartphone VR headsets for those who want a mobile VR experience..

If having the best experience possible is your main priority, then our list of the Best VR Headsets available in Canada is for you!

Best VR Gaming Headset

Virtual reality gaming headsets are your portal into high octane, adrenaline surging, heart pounding action. VR games are the future of gaming, and this list will allow you to chose the best VR gaming headset for you. VR gaming is going to drive the market. That’s why we’ve put it at the top of our list! For mobile vr gaming, continue on past the computer and console gaming headsets and check out our best rated mobile phone headsets.

Gaming HeadsetPriceTechnical SpecificationsPros and Cons
PlayStation VRCDN$ 549.96 (Headset)
CDN$ 969.25 (Launch Bundle)
USD$ 399.99 (Headset)
USD$ 638.90 (Launch Bundle)
Tethered Headset

960 by 1,080

120 Hz Refresh rate

100 Degree Field of Vision

Pros: Cheaper option, perfect for PS4 gamers. Solid technical specs. Wide array of games.

Cons: Some issues with motion tracking and setting up the camera.

Oculus RiftCDN$ 849.99
USD$ 599.99
Tethered Headset

1080 by 1,200 Resolution

90 Hz Refresh Rate

110 Degree Field of Vision

Pros: High End VR headset for PC gaming

Cons: High price tag

HTC ViveCDN$ 1,660.62
USD$ 799.99
Tethered Headset
1,080 by 1,200 resolution
90 Hz Refresh Rate
110 Degree Field of Vision
Pros: Made for room-scale VR. High end vr headset with incredible motion tracking

Cons: Difficult to find at a reasonable price in Canada. Extreme price difference between US and Canada.

Canadians aren’t always getting a fair price

It always feels like Canadians are getting ripped off! When you look at our exchange rate, on some of the headsets above we are paying far more than our share. The currency exchange program below is provided by WolframAlpha and lets you quickly check if a VR headset is a good deal or a ripoff for Canadians.

Prepare to be shocked at just how much a premium you are paying for being a Canadian!

The best console gaming VR headset? PSVR.


The PSVR is a more affordable virtual reality option for those who already own a PS4. In the US, the price is USD$ 399.99 for the headset itself and USD$ 638.90 for the launch bundle.

The launch bundle includes two Move controllers, the VR worlds game, and the cords for connecting the headset to the PS4.

Technically, the PSVR is a solid choice. It has a good refresh rate, and reliable head tracking. The PSVR is a tethered headset which pairs with your PS4. You can use the basic PlayStation controllers, however it is highly recommended to purchase the PlayStation Move controllers for a more immersive experience. Users who stick with the PlayStation dualshock controllers lose out on the feeling of being in the game itself.

The field of view is 100 degrees, and the PSVR offers a resolution of 960 by 1,080 with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This high refresh rate is important for virtual reality gaming.

The PSVR is more affordable than other high tech gaming headsets. The savings in cost is not just because of the lower sticker price of the headset itself. Other headsets require a high end gaming computer to run the games and virtual reality experiences. The PSVR market is those who already have a PS4. If you already have move controllers, again you save money instead of having to purchase them with the headset.

There are plenty of games for PSVR. If you want to see the wide selection, feel free to check out our list of the best M rated games for PSVR.

Some people may find issues with setting up the tracking, however. The headset uses the PlayStation motion sensing camera which requires precise set up to track you reliably. While this saves on the cost of the headset itself, it can be frustrating in the setup process.

For fans of PlayStation who want to use VR primarily for gaming, this is the best VR headset in Canada.

The price feels steep, but it is roughly the same as what the PS4 sold for when it was released. No one wants to spend a grand on a new headset. The PlayStation VR headset is just barely within the budget of console gamers who want to make the leap.

The PSVR links up with your PlayStation

The beauty of PlayStation VR is that it uses your PS4. You can link it up with PlayStation Move controllers or a standard dualshock (but if you use the regular controllers, you are missing out). It tracks your movements using the PlayStation camera. Many gamers will already have these accessories. The same goes for the sound quality. While it comes with some headphones, most people are going to have higher quality ones of their own that they can easily pair with it.

The headset is comfy and durable. That’s required.  Can you count how many times you’ve dropped a controller? The PSVR uses a 1080p OLED panel giving you 960 x 1080 pixels and a 120HZ refresh rate. What does that boil down to? Good enough that you won’t really notice the difference while gaming. This isn’t a headset that is being paired with a two thousand dollar top of the line gaming computer. It’s being paired with a console that has its own restrictions, and raising the price point of the headset in order to eke out a slightly sharper viewing experience would be overkill.

The biggest drawback is tricky camera setup

You might need to fool around with the camera a little bit. Sony did the best to keep price down, and that meant using the existing camera technology. You might need to fiddle with camera placement to find the best place to put yours.

PSVR does have a few drawbacks. It’s the first VR Headset made with PlayStation and that means it’s not going to be perfect. That’s why you should test it out before you buy.

The verdict? PSVR is the best console gaming VR headset in Canada.

A contender for the best high end VR headset: Oculus Rift


If you have a high end computer and want to experience all that VR has to offer, the Oculus Rift may be for you. What exactly do you need to run it? From the official website, we have gather the recommended and minimum specs (current as of November 5th, 2016). Keep in mind that some of the highest end games and experiences will tax even the recommended specs. This headset is high end and for those who are serious about VR.

Oculus Rift Recommended Specifications


Oculus Rift Minimum Specifications:


The Oculus rift has recently released Oculus Touch. Oculus Touch is a pair of controllers that deliver hand presence. There was a huge criticism that other VR headsets offered this style of controllers while the Oculus lacked the functionality, and the Touch Controllers are Oculus’ response. You can finally pre-order the devices. These aren’t just the style of controllers like PSVR move controllers. These are designed to feel as though your VR hands are your real hands.


The biggest problem with Oculus is the price. The Touch Controllers alone are priced at CAD $229.00 and USD$ 199.99. That’s around half the sticker price of the PSVR headset. With other headsets lowering the price, it will be a race to see if the Oculus Rift headset can grab enough market share.

The HTC Vive is a high end VR headset which does not offer many options for Canadians


If you are trying to sell headsets, you should probably have better options for Canadians. On the official website of the HTC Vive, you can only choose a shipping option of the US! As well, if you are able to find a headset on Amazon(.ca), the price difference is absolutely massive. If you are looking for a VR headset in Canada, many of the other options in our list are friendly towards us.

Although the price is high on the HTC Vive, unlike other options it comes with wireless controllers and earbuds. These may seem like smaller perks. But when you look at the amount of extra equipment you need to buy for Rift or PSVR in terms of controllers and other gadgets, it is a big factor in why the price is so high.