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League of Legends VR

Alright, I’ll admit it. I used to play a lot of League. A lot. I never made it past plat 1, and failing my series for diamond was sadly one of the best things that happened to me. As soon as I missed out and just barely missed diamond for a season, I no longer […]


VR is allows you to experience the NFL like never before Virtual Reality allows us to experience things we never otherwise could. It takes a rare blend of genetics and work ethic to rise to top tiers of sports. Imagine a future where using VR we can step into the shoes of the top athletes of […]

Saving Coral Reefs with VR thanks to Stanford University

VR allows us to experience the longterm impacts of our decisions It’s easy to go about our lives. The environment is, for most people, on of those niggling concerns at the back of their minds. When you have bills, stress, and other issues in your life, it’s hard to think about what the oceans are going […]

Intro to VR

What is virtual reality? Virtual reality is an interactive, three dimensional environment that users are able to enter using virtual reality technology. There are different levels of virtual reality. The simplest VR technology allows for visual virtual reality only. More complex technology interacts with all of our senses. Modern Virtual reality has come to require […]

Virtual Reality Gambling will increase 800% by 2021, research shows

800% increase in virtual reality expected by 2021 Despite being in it’s infancy, VR gambling has pulled in $58.5 million in wagers. And one research firm is predicted far more than that by 2021. Juniper Research has calculated that online casino’s can expect to see almost $520 million in wagers by 2021. VR is starting […]