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“It Can Wait uses VR to combat distracted driving

Have you seen this video? AT&T used VR to really drive home the impact of distracted driving. Many people use their mobile devices as they drive. Some think it’s ok because they are stopped at a red light, or because they aren’t going that fast… this virtual reality experience is making our roads safer as […]

What games will the Playstation VR have?

What games will the PlayStation VR have? PlayStation’s new VR headset looks incredible. What looks even better is jawdropping list of titles that are coming out soon, including letting you drive the Batmobile. VR gaming is the future of the gaming industry. Everyone has been asking what games will the PlayStation VR have, and the […]

Harry Potter VR game announced!

Yes, VR is going to let you be a wizard A real, wand waving, spell casting, jinxing wizard. The most anticipated VR game is going to change the way the world looks at VR. You probably heard that Google is going to be releasing the Daydream Headset in November. What you might not have known […]

Explore the Human Body with VR

The Body VR is an educational VR experience Learning about the human won’t cost you much. In fact, it’s free! The Body VR is an educational experience takes you inside the human body. You will be transported into the bloodstream, learning exactly how the human body functions ways that a dusty old textbook simply couldn’t. Watch as the body fights […]

Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Construction Industry

Applications of Virtual Reality in making Construction Sites safer The University of Bochum (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) is making strides in the world of occupational health and safety. Their goal? To reduce the 60,000 construction related deaths worldwide. Markus König, head of Computation in Engineering at Bochum claimed that construction safety standards in Germany are lagging behind other […]

Virtual Reality History

The History of Virtual Reality The earliest attempts at virtual reality came long before computers. These ranged from massive panoramic paintings designed to make the viewer feel as if they were witnessing a battle firsthand to attempts to simulate reality through the mediums of film and theater. The 1960s brought the Sensorama, an experience theater released […]