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Brainwave VR headsets

brainwave-virtual-realityBrainwave VR is being pushed forward by Dr. Dan Cook (PHD), founder of EyeMynd. This virtual reality startup is confident that they can create virtual reality that relies only on your brainwaves, not your hands.

Their technology is going to be compatible with the HTC Vive. As well, they are going to put out a vr headset under 100 dollars – unfortunately, that price will be in USD. Sorry to my awesome Canadian readers.

The possibilities are mind boggling. This could enhance the lives of the disabled people and those who are in a state where they are unable to communicate. And brainwave VR would push forward the level of immersion possible.

This rather… 90s video can explain how it works better than me. To be honest, it looks a little like a movie montage with the quantum physics pictures flying around while Dr. Cook talks about brain signals. I’ll be honest, this video went a little over my head. If you want to sell Brainwave VR headsets, I’d focus on something a little more accessible! People are more interested in seeing cool applications of brainwave virtual reality rather than the nitty gritty of how it works. I am not trying to be rude, and perhaps my reaction to the video shows that I am ignorant. But this seems like an incredible technology and I’m very excited to see the marketing videos closer to the release of the brainwave virtual reality headset.

I noticed that the video was unlisted on youtube, so I contacted the company to ask if they prefer I take it down. They said they preferred that, so I have taken it down.


Brainwave VR gaming sounds incredible

The future of VR gaming is only going to get more immersive. VR Brainwave gaming would allow you to explore, play, and battle in a virtual world without having to think about your actual physical body.

One concern is that it seems as though games are always a step behind VR. The PSVR bucked the trend with many games, including a good amount of free PSVR games and experiences, but the worry with brainwave VR is that it will be ahead of its time. While doing simple things like surfing the internet with your brain (I can’t believe I’m calling that a simple thing, we really are in the strangest timeline) are awesome, it will take time for game developers to take a risk with brainwave VR.

Brainwave VR is the beginning of utopia or dystopia, depending on which sci-fi film you watch. At what point does virtual reality become an escape from the real world, so incredibly realistic that it offers better than what we can get in real life? I will leave those questions to philosophers. But whether you think brainwave VR will be a force for good or bad in society, it is happening.

Oh hey, I almost forgot – here’s the link to EyeMynd’s official website. The “stay tuned” on the is driving me crazy in the products and developer sections… looking forward to hearing news from them soon!

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