“It Can Wait uses VR to combat distracted driving

Have you seen this video?

AT&T used VR to really drive home the impact of distracted driving. Many people use their mobile devices as they drive. Some think it’s ok because they are stopped at a red light, or because they aren’t going that fast… this virtual reality experience is making our roads safer as people question their rationales.

If you have a VR device, open the video in youtube and read the instructions on how to view it in VR.

VR is going to change the way we get educated

Most people haven’t experienced a car crash. It’s something that “happens to other people”. The beauty of virtual reality is that it can bring you experiences that you could not otherwise have without great risk. That’s why VR is going to be a great addition to the fight against distracted driving. I would not be surprised if a VR experience designed around drunk driving comes out next.

VR is already being designed to help make the construction industry safer. Making the roads safer just makes sense.

For more information on the campaign, visit the official website. There’s a video on the site that will make you feel very uncomfortable.

What other campaigns could be done in VR?

VR would be great for stopping drunk driving, as I previously mentioned. When I was growing up we were taken to a “safety village” and learned the basics of road rules and how to keep safe in a simulated town. How much cheaper and accessible will it be to simply educate children of the basics of the road in VR? Or does the actual physical feeling of being in a place simply not get recreated enough at this point? One thing is clear. As VR becomes more advanced, it is going to be used in more widespread education campaigns. I wouldn’t even be surprised if even experiences like putting the right container in the right recycling box get a VR tutorial released to the public! There’s something about actually “doing something” that makes a habit stick much more than just watching it explained.

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