Cheap VR Headsets under 100 dollars Canadian

We researched cheap VR headsets under 100 dollars Canadian, and were shocked to find out that VR seems to be marketed towards those with thousands of dollars to throw around. One of the greatest obstacles barring virtual reality experiences from the average consumer is price. As Canadians, we always seem to get the short end of the stick! Either our dollar is doing great compared the US dollar and yet somehow technology is still more expensive, or our dollar is doing weak compared to the US dollar and there is a huge gap between the prices that US customers pay vs what we pay. I can remember growing up and seeing the MSRP of books, which always had both US and Canadian prices, and feeling annoyed that we had to pay so much more even after the exchange rate. With that in mind, I wanted to create a list of cheap VR headsets under one hundred dollars Canadian.

The Cheapest Virtual Reality Headsets for Canadians

Google Cardboard: $20.00 CAD

Cheap VR Headsets from Google

Wow. A VR headset for a twenty dollar bill. Cardboard is the absolute best thing that could have happened to the VR industry – for the consumer! You can actually get a virtual reality headset under twenty dollars with Google cardboard if you purchase two, dropping the price to $17.5 CAD each. You can even find Google Cardboard on from some sellers for under $6.00 with free shipping, but it is unclear how exactly they are offering the product for less than the google official store.

When I brought up Google Cardboard to my brother, a techy guy doing programming for a major company, his first reaction was: “That sounds like an April Fools joke! Is it real?” Even as I write this article, capitalizing the word Cardboard over and over, I feel like I am living in the future. A benign word associated with big moving boxes now with a futuristic twist.

It really does sound crazy. How can Cardboard, which you fold yourself, let you try out virtual reality? Oh, and you do fold it yourself. Just check out how easy it is to set up. Could it be any more simple?



Google Cardboard works with your smartphone. Specifically, for screens up to 6 inches depending on the model of Cardboard you use. Cheap VR headsets work because you already own the system it needs to run. All it has to do is change the way you view the input.

You hold it up to your face and instantly you are in VR mode. There are a few drawbacks – Cardboard is really for short viewing sessions. It is the absolute most basic headset in existence and is for introductory sessions to experience virtual reality but not recommended for longer use without breaks. As well, some people can experience discomfort and nausea using Cardboard.

Cardboard is basic. It is a testament that virtual reality experiences can be had for rock bottom prices. Offering such a low cost option drops the bottom of the price floor low enough to be within reach of the majority of Canadians. This comes with drawbacks.

It is also a small VR headset that fits right on your phone. You can choose plain brown cardboard or spend a few bucks extra for some really cool designs. Why is this important? Because honestly, walking around in a big VR headset right now isn’t exactly socially acceptable. VR goggles look awkward. If you watched someone walking around in a big set of goggles, you might feel embarrassed for them.

If you see someone using Google Cardboard you feel intrigued. You wonder what the heck it is and want to be a part of it. Google has recently offered another entry into the field of cheap VR headsets, and we will be adding it shortly to this list. Stay tuned!

BlitzWolf VR Headset: $43.99 CAD  


blitzwolf-cheap-vr-headsetsNow this is how you do VR on a budget. If you want cheap VR headsets, BlitzWolf has you covered. There is a limited time offer for the newest version at just over 30 bucks. This piece of VR technology supports Android and iOS phones. It is much more comfortable than Cardboard. It is adjustable for different phones to prevent side buttons being accidentally pressed. It uses soft artificial leather around the eyes and features a comfortable headband which allows hands free viewing.

Cheap virtual reality is only a reality (hehe) because of the ubiquity of smartphones. Smartphones are incredibly powerful machines and it is only recently that we are starting to fully utilize their full potential. You can download virtual reality experiences or VR mobile games, or simply watch YouTube panorama videos made for VRs directly with your smartphone with BlitzWolf VR. The whole device only weighs 500 grams which means you won’t get a neck ache from wearing it.

The BlitzWolf headset has a huge focus on being comfortable. They took time in their design, and it shows. It is made to fit comfortably on your head and not produce pressure on the bridge of your nose. There are even included nose pads if needed. One thing to note is that for glasses users, you may or may not be out of luck. Depending on how large your glasses are, you may need to invest in some contact lenses. Others have found that they are able to use BlitzWolf even over their thin framed glasses.

Can you game with BlitzWolf VR? Virtual reality gaming is one of the driving forces behind VR.  You can purchase a bluetooth or wifi controller which pairs with BlitzWolf VR, but this is sold separately. The Blitzwold headset allows you to access VR mobile gaming but keep in mind that it is only able to function using your smartphone. Unfortunately, cheap VR headsets aren’t usually the answer for high end gaming. That means that for serious gamers who wish to experience VR games this is a less attractive option.

Are there downsides to buying such an affordable option? Cheap VR headsets are not suited for everyone. The answer is that it depends on the consumer. It is possible that for some people, BlitzWolf VR – or even all VR – could cause nausea or dizziness.