Explore the Human Body with VR

The Body VR is an educational VR experience

Learning about the human won’t cost you much. In fact, it’s free! The Body VR is an educational experience takes you inside the human body. You will be transported into the bloodstream, learning exactly how the human body functions ways that a dusty old textbook simply couldn’t. Watch as the body fights off infections and bacteria and be enthralled by the battle happening inside you right now.


Your travels are narrated as you move through the body. As a result, it is not just a “sit back and watch” experience. While this would still have the breathtaking visuals, it would be waste of VRs true potential. The most recent version of The Body VR has integrated controller support which allows the user to engage with the information they witness.

There are some people who learn by reading, and some by doing. In fields such as biology and human anatomy learning by doing is not always an option. As the pioneers of educational VR, The Body VR organization is changing that. Virtual Reality means that the future of education will be able to engage all learning styles. Could anyone have just reached out and grabbed a single red blood cell to inspect closer before VR?

The future of VR is a beautiful thing. Learning becomes more interactive and entertaining, engaging in a way that was never before possible. By using this experience you won’t just learn about the human body. You will learn more about what the future holds in the educational field of VR.

Available for Samsung Gear, Oculus, and VIVE

Many experiences and games are only available on one VR platform. For The Body VR, exclusivity was not an option. They are an organization trying to revolutionize worldwide education. You can’t do that with a small market.

In addition to supporting the major VR options, the Body VR is available in 6 different languages – English, French, Spanish, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Expect more educational VR resources from this producer

The Body VR is partnering with universities in America and worldwide to produce more educational content revolving around the human body. Currently they are partnered with UCL and PlanetTech.


The goal is not a small one. By 2020, The Body VR plans to have an entire virtual reality curriculum spanning the human body available. They are developing training programs for surgeons and physicians. If you want to learn more about this amazing company, please do pay a visit to their official website.

The uses for the medical field are enormous. The Body VR is also working on entertainment experiences that hinge around having some learning value as well. We expect big things for The Body VR and are excited to watch this company grow and prosper.

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