You may be surprised by the amount of free PSVR games

I didn’t want to clutter each description of the free apps with a link, but all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and the link to all of them is there. It’s not an affiliate link.

If an experience/game doesn’t have a rating, then it probably means it’s ok. The thing is, PSVR says that it should not be used by children under the age of 12. So basically anything that would have got an “E” rating is hitting a very slim age demographic of people that it can aim at.

Free PSVR games rated M for Mature

Some of the free PSVR games rated M look a little gross. I’m looking at you, Resident Evil. To see more (not free) games rated M, I made a list of PSVR M games.

PlayStation VR Demo Disc

playstation-vr-demo-disk-freeI really wasn’t sure if I was going to put this one on the list. I mean, it’s a demo disk for Pete’s sake.

It also has a 5 star rating with almost 500 people giving it the 100% awesome review.

I’m starting to wonder about these reviews… everything is 4 or 5 stars it seems.

I guess people really, really like free.

The VR demo disk comes with 18 demos.

Some people get a little overwhelmed by VR when they first try it. Demo’s are a great place to start. This one is rated M for mature, but that’s only because some of the demos are M – like Resident Evil 7. Other demos will be T or not rated.

Free PSVR games rated T for Teen

From virtual stadiums to adrenaline fueled virtual reality dogfighting, these free PSVR games offer something for everyone (who like at least one of those two things).

Call Of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience

call-of-duty-vr-psvrAccording to the African Wildlife Foundation, “Jackals are cunning and
resourceful omnivores”, which means they are a step ahead of me.

This game isn’t about traipsing through the African Savannah though. It’s a 1 player training mission that is rated very well, with almost 2000 ratings and 4/5 stars. The Jackal in this game is a fighter jet that gets attacked during a routine training mission.

Attacked during a training mission, you say? Does that remind anyone of anything?

I think that one of the things people were most looking forward to with virtual reality was dogfighting.

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

sega-vr-dancing-virtual-concertDid you know Sega is getting involved in VR? They have one of the top rated free VR experiences on the market right now. This isn’t a full game per se. It’s basically just a demo. You get to go into a virtual stadium and boogy like a goof, but it seems like this game was designed to be a sales funnel into their addons, that cost $14.99, and $39.99.

You need a Move Controller to enjoy this one.

Interestingly enough, this is one of the only games that starts with a warning that VR games can cause motion sickness. Most games don’t want you to be thinking of that!

This is more of a free PSVR demo than a free PSVR game.

Free PSVR games rated E for Everyone (but PSVR is just for 12+!)


free-psvr-gamesSo this one is rated E, but PSVR is just for 12+, remember that.

This one sounds kinda trippy. Flying through waves of geometry and trying to rotate and twist to get through oncoming walls is the name of the game.

Well actually, the name of the game is SUPERHYPERCUBE which is a bit freaky because of the cult classic set of horror movies in the Cube series. I’ve watched all 3 movies, including HyperCube.

Alright, I know you are on this page because you are looking for free PSVR games. But if you like horror movies and want to see a cult classic, I totally recommend Cube. The first one is arguably the best (they start getting campier and campier) and it’s actually worth a watch. I’ll set the trailer down here in case you are intrigued.

The Playroom VR


Well ain’t this game the cutest. It’s very cool because unlike most PSVR games, its a PSVR multiplayer game! Everyone loves this game. It’s got over 800 ratings and 5/5 stars.

How does the multiplayer work? Well, only one player actually has to have a PSVR headset. Four, that’s right, four other players can join in with DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers.

This is one of those fun games that have a whole bunch of minigames together to have a big package of fun. In fact, it’s got 6 games.

Free PSVR experiences

To make it fair, I’m going to put the VR experiences in alphabetical order. So if you want to be top of this list, just make an experience called AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and profit.

These ones are all “unrated”, but it felt a bit dishonest to put the title of the section as unrated PSVR experiences.


Allumete is a highly rated free PSVR experience. It is a virtual reality fantastical story of a young orphan girl, touching on themes of sacrifice and love. Do you remember as a kid reading that story about a poor orphan girl who is supposed to be selling matches, but ends up burning them instead? Think that, only add in a whole bunch of fantastical elements. The animation does feel a little chunky at points, but it’s still definitely worth the download.

This is a VR experience, but it would be better categorized as a virtual reality story or animated film. While you can look all around and decide what you want to focus on, you can’t actually change anything. You are a viewer in this free app, not a player.

What I really like about this is that the trailer doesn’t give away too much! It’s so annoying when you watch a trailer for a movie and they spoil all of the best jokes in the trailer.

The Allumette virtual reality trailer captures the feel without giving away too much

invasion-psvr-bunny-gameI mean, just look at those big eyes. If you’re feeling a little down, why not become a cute little rabbit and take on some evil aliens?

This is an immersive VR experience that’s fun for everyone. The animation is super silly. It’s short, but worth watching. At first, you’re just minding your bunny business. Then all of a sudden some aliens try to mess with you… but you’ve been spending your whole life outsmarting arctic foxes, and they are not prepared for your speed and cunning.

Like most free VR experiences, this is a virtual reality movie or story rather than an actual game. The great thing about Invasion! is that even though you cannot control the story, you get to be part of it.

I will update this list as new PSVR free games are released

I didn’t quite have the time to list all of the free games yet. There are 6 other games that I will adding to the list for your guys’ viewing pleasure. Until then, you can find all free content using the official PlayStation store.