Google Daydream VR is coming in November!

Making a comfortable, easy to use VR headset was the goal


Their new headset will amaze you with just how plain cool it looks. The first thing you notice about it is just how aesthetically pleasing it is, which is quite a feat for a VR headset. It’s stylish and modern. Because of this, it doesn’t look unwieldy or embarrassing to wear, and that’s half the battle with making VR mainstream.

Lightweight, breathable, and hand washable are all benefits of Daydream. The Daydream view pairs with your smartphone and a simple control system for an easy to use VR experience. It comes in slate, snow and crimson, and each colour looks fashionable.


Simple VR

The most beautiful function of the Google Daydream is the simplicity. As a result it is incredibly easy to use. After seeing the Daydream in action, people will instantly have their idea of VR as a high tech, confusing piece of equipment transformed. All you do is drop your phone into it – and you are ready to go.

It’s really incredible. Google Daydream is going to change the way we look at VR. It is the most approachable VR headset that is going to be on the market, simply because the process is so intuitive that it can be done without a second thought. It pairs instantly with your phone and within seconds you can be transported into a virtual reality environment.

Take a look at the simple design of the controller. This is no TV remote with a hundred buttons. Because there are so few buttons, most of the controls come from the trackpad and motion sensors which let you interact with VR environments naturally.

The only real downside is that this headset currently will only work with Daydream ready phones. At this point, that means the new Google Pixel phone. More phones compatible with Daydream are on the way.

Google Daydream Virtual reality experiences

The most intuitive pairing for Google and VR is street view. Daydream is built for exploring the world. That is not all it is good for, however. Google has paired with news outlets such as the NYT, WSJ, CNN and USA today to provide news in VR. Youtube and Netflix are plunging into the fields of VR and Daydream is going to be one of the major ways to experience it.

Price of Google Daydream Headset

The price is $79 USD. At this point, there is no information on a Canadian price.

For more information, see the official page.

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