Harry Potter VR game announced!

Yes, VR is going to let you be a wizard

A real, wand waving, spell casting, jinxing wizard. The most anticipated VR game is going to change the way the world looks at VR. You probably heard that Google is going to be releasing the Daydream Headset in November. What you might not have known is that a game in the Harry Potter universe is going to be released exclusively for it!


You literally get to be a wizard. Cast spells, explore, and finally, finally shake off that niggling disappointment that you have carried with you since not receiving your invitation to Hogwarts at age eleven. Sorry – wizard hat is NOT included.

Google is all about making VR mainstream. And it’s going to work

First, google announces a cool new VR headset. If you haven’t seen it, prepare to be impressed. It doesn’t look like something out of scifi. With fashionable colours and a trendy design, the Daydream is going to be the most mainstream VR headset around. The price point is another huge factor. With a price of 79USD, VR is going to be more and more accessible.

Psst – it isn’t a coincidence that they are releasing it right before Christmas.

What could be more mainstream that Harry Potter? The people who grew up with it are one of the biggest target audiences for VR.

Please, please don’t mess this game up

I think I am among the majority of people who enjoy both Harry Potter and VR who sincerely ask for this game to be as amazing as we all dream. It’s a huge opportunity to bring VR to a level of popularity it never before saw.

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