Intro to VR

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an interactive, three dimensional environment that users are able to enter using virtual reality technology. There are different levels of virtual reality. The simplest VR technology allows for visual virtual reality only. More complex technology interacts with all of our senses. Modern Virtual reality has come to require that users are able to interact with the graphic display, and in general be able to control the view point and view direction.

VR has been known by many names. Common ones are Virtual Environments, Virtual Worlds, and Computer Simulated Worlds. These three in particular are more intertwined with the idea of multiplayer Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality is becoming more advanced as the technology develops.

Virtual reality: How it works

It is a thrilling yet terrifying development that VR is becoming more and more realistic. The thought of being able to simulate reality so perfectly that the user is unable to tell the difference between reality and fiction has both wondrous and dangerous ramifications. Virtual reality is about tricking your mind.

How virtual reality works to trick your mind

The most common form of VR is the headset. It is possible that in the future VR could even be accessed by technology implanted directly into the eye or even brain. Currently, there are much less extreme measures catering to the general public.

A headset such as the ones which are used by Oculus, the Oculus Rift, works with your pc, gaming console or mobile device to run downloadable content such as VR video games. How does it make you believe you are really in the VR world? The trick is with dual feeds which are displayed on two different screens. There is a screen for each eye. The screens is usually either LCD or OLED.

This creates a stereoscopic image. It mimics the way our eyes see the world.

There is more to just seeing this stereoscopic image. The headset tracks your head as you move it in 3 dimensions, changing your view. Older VR technology had problems with frame rate and slow tracking. This both ruined the illusion of VR and can cause motion sickness in users. In the future we expect to see VR headsets which are able to track the eyes themselves to provide a seamless field of vision.

What is virtual reality technology?

Virtual Reality technology is the technology which allows us to access a VR environment. This includes headsets, treadmills, and even gloves which produce tactile sensation.

How does virtual reality work to better society?

The applications of VR are immense. Educational, arts, and training can all be achieved using VR. Take, for example, a surgeon who is about to go on his first solo surgery. The life of his or her patient lies in the balance. VR training could be used in order to simulate the surgery perfectly before the new surgeon has to put lives at risk.

The applications of VR are going to be pushed forward due in part to the massive worldwide gaming industry. This is a positive as it will drive down the cost of VR equipment and technology, allowing more productive and beneficial VR to thrive.

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