VR is allows you to experience the NFL like never before


Virtual Reality allows us to experience things we never otherwise could. It takes a rare blend of genetics and work ethic to rise to top tiers of sports. Imagine a future where using VR we can step into the shoes of the top athletes of the world and feel the elation of the crowd pouring over us as we make the game winning catch.

That’s still in the future, unfortunately. What is coming out very soon is something quite different, but still promising. NFL films and Google are pairing together to create incredible VR content for the Google Daydream.

The 9 part series will give a 360 degree view of life in the NFL

Players, coaches, cheerleaders and fans are all part of this new and exciting VR excursion. The series will premier on the NFL’s official YouTube channel on Thursday, November 24th (American Thanksgiving).

The first episode already looks incredible. It will allow viewers to streamline a week of Philadelphia Eagles defense as they prep for a match. This experience is sure to be an adrenaline pounding affair and a look into the real lives of players as they run through drills and mentally and physically get ready for a game. Further episodes will include the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders, Green Bay fans, and a revealing look into the upper levels of the San Diego Chargers management.

The entire series is captured using Google Jump. Google Jump offers perfect 360 Video and super high resolution experiences – “The equivalent of five 4k TVs playing at once”.

This provides a snapshot of what Google VR has to offer

The Daydream has yet to be released and it is already on our list of the Best Mobile Phone Headsets. The organization is so massive that it is going to usher VR into a new era with affordable, accessible VR experiences for the masses. Everyone uses YouTube. And as VR grows, so too will the wealth of VR content on the incredibly popular video sharing site.

The fact that Google and the NFL are working together to launch a VR experience shows just how big virtual reality is going to be. When you have such major organizations partnering together, the sky is the limit in terms of the content they can produce.

What does the future of VR and sports have to offer? We can only speculate at this time. But depending on the success of the NFL in VR, it is possible that in the not too distant future, players could be outfitted with cameras in their helmets to allow viewers to step into their shoes.

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