Southern Grandparents battle VR Zombies!

Who says gaming is for kids!

These Southern Grandparents are kicking behind and taking names. The video is a great look into just what kind of a reaction virtual reality can give to people who might not otherwise get to try it!


This is a feel good, funny video of Southern Grandparents reacting to VR. Them battling the zombies is near to the end, but it is very cool to watch people react to virtual reality for the first time. It’s amazing how intuitive VR is! Conventional gaming simply cannot reach this level of immersion. With VR gaming, you are not just playing a game. You’re living it!

Virtual Reality is incredible for allowing people to experience things they otherwise could not. When you get older, climbing a mountain can be a more dangerous experience than it would be for someone in their early twenties! In Virtual Reality, you can walk right up to a cliff and stare out at the view without having to risk life and limb.

That’s a more benign experience. Hopefully, no one is going to have to battle against zombies in reality. In Virtual Reality? It can be a great time! This is a far cry from scrabble. What a heartwarming, feel good video! The video was first posted on USA Today, who are kind enough to offer embeding features of their videos for other websites to post.

The clip features gamers using the HTC Vive

When you watch how much fun these grandparents are having, you can see clearly why the HTC Vive is on our list of the best VR headsets in Canada. Unfortunately for use Canadians, we do not pay the same price as our southern neighbours. While an HTC Vive is going to be USD $799,99 in the states, at this time it costs a massive CDN $1,660.62 in Canada! For most of us, that is out of our price range.

For more basic VR uses like watching YouTube videos, exploring Google maps in VR, or playing mobile VR games, readers may be more interested in our list of cheap vr headsets or our list of the best mobile vr headsets. Not every headset has to cost over a thousand dollars. You might be surprised at the kind of experiences you can have using your smartphone and a headset costing under CAD $100!


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