Virtual Reality Mount Everest

This Virtual reality Mount Everest experience lets you scale the highest point in the world

We’ve all dreamed of scaling the highest point in the world. This Virtual reality Mount Everest experience allows us to do just that. There is a hubris to the human experience that makes us want to conquer the highest peak in the world. Almost 300 people have died in the attempt. Now you can experience the thrill of ascending the highest peak in the world. Virtual Reality Mount Everest experiences let us experience a fraction of the thrills of the real mountaineers that risk life and limb to ascend. If you don’t want to risk frostbite, biting winds and death on the cold slopes, this safer option is for you!


The VR documentary is a partnership between Endemol Shine and Sports Illustrated

This is the real deal. From base camp to peak, you follow the adventures of four climbers as they attempt the highest summit in the world. I know I won’t get a chance to brave Mount Everest in my lifetime. Now, VR will let me ascend to the top without the steep price tag and rigorous training schedule needed to actually ascend to the top. You get to control the 360 view. Check out the awesome trailer and try out the controls!

Virtual Reality Mount Everest is a story, and it’s free

The price tag is $0 Canadian thanks to Life VR, as long as you are using the Google Cardboard App. If you’re using a different program, I would expect it to be somewhere between 5-10 dollars Canadian. The experience is offered through the free app Life VR.

The story follows a six-time Everest summiteer and starts with a view of looking up at the imposing mountain. Have you ever stood at the bottom of a mountain and stared up, feeling the weight of the vertical ascent pressing down on you? I’ve done some hikes with respectable vertical ascension and the only thing that can trump that feeling is the one I get when I look down at the ground I have conquered and stare at where I began.

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