Virtual Reality is changing online shopping

Online shopping with virtual reality is evolving with lightning speed


I have a weird fear that I’ll walk into an auction house and accidentally bid on a rare and expensive auction. Now I can have that fear from the comfort of my home with virtual reality online shopping thanks to a new payment service from Alibaba. VR Pay is the name of their new development into the world of online payment shipments. All you have to do to approve a transaction? Nod.

It makes sense. Who wants to waste time pulling their glasses off?

You’ve probably seen Amazon’s “one click” ordering. The premise is simple. The easier it is for someone to send you money, the more likely they are to make that purchase. This is the same premise that Alibaba is using with their virtual reality shopping. The payment system is not quite out yet. But we should see it sometime near the start of 2017.

We are fast approaching a world where you can try an item out in VR before purchasing it

One of the age old arguments against online shopping is that you cannot see the physical object before you purchase it. What if the colour is a little bit different in person? VR is going to let us walk around our purchase, looking at it from all angles and deciding if it is right for us. As well, as the technology develops it will even be possible to touch, smell, and experience a garment before ever buying. The standards in advertising agency is going to have overtime work cracking down on sellers using fake smells and textures to make a sale!

What about putting your password in?

To authenticate the transaction, do you have to take off the goggles and put your password in? This would be another annoyance. Alibaba has the answer. All you have to do is stare at the screen for 1.5 seconds and boom, your purchase is on the way. It is no coincidence that “Eyeverify” was just acquired.

Will people actually shop in VR?

You better believe it. Online shopping is a huge market. As headsets become cheaper and more comfortable, they will be more ingrained in our daily lives. Ironically, the fact that vr headsets are becoming lighter and easier to take on and off is going to make this sort of payment system less popular! Soon it will barely be a hassle at all to take off the headset and put in your payment details,

Retailers have an added incentive. In the short term, VR headsets are pricey. The kind of customer who can afford one is exactly the kind you want to attract to your business.

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