What games will the Playstation VR have?

What games will the PlayStation VR have?

PlayStation’s new VR headset looks incredible. What looks even better is jawdropping list of titles that are coming out soon, including letting you drive the Batmobile. VR gaming is the future of the gaming industry. Everyone has been asking what games will the PlayStation VR have, and the list is out. Sony wants to be the one to get the lion’s share of the market and A list titles are the way to draw people in. With their new VR headset coming out just in time for Christmas lists at a price that might just be low enough for parents to buy for their eager children, they might just succeed. But this VR headset is not just for children. Expect a wide range of VR games to follow. Already on the table are Star Wars Battlefront and RIGS Mechanized Combat. If only interested in M rated games, check out our list of the best PSVR games rated M!

What VR games are offered on Playstation’s new headset?

Batman Arkham

One of the biggest names on the ticket. The trailer will give you chills. It’s rated M for mature and is aimed directly at the prime market for VR games.


RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Now this looks intense. Ever since growing up reading Battletech I always wanted to jump into a mech and battle. These aren’t the massive goliaths of that series but instead features smaller, quicker robots battling against each other. The trailer makes it look nail bitingly intense, but I’m not sure that the idea of jumping into a hoop to score point really appeals to me.



Farpoint gives me a weird, Dead Space sort of vibe. A rescue mission goes strange and plunges you into unfamiliar territory. This game still doesn’t have a trailer but instantly intrigued me. Virtual Reality is all about transporting you to a new world. What could be more alien that stepping onto the rock of a land where no human has ever set foot? You can read more about it on the official site.

What games will the PlayStation VR have

Ace Combat 7

Grit your teeth as you pull up sharply to dodge a missile lock as the air fills with explosions and machine gun fire. This one is not yet released but keep your eye open for it if you enjoy dog-fighting games.

That’s just the start. PlayStation has 20+ VR games in development or about to be released for their new VR headset. If you want to know more about what games will the Playstation VR have you can read more on PlayStation’s VR Site.

The VR headset undercuts its competitors

With a price tag of $549.99 Canadian ($399 US) the PlayStation VR is cheaper than its rivals Oculus Rift at $849.99 Canadian and the HTC Vive at a massive $1,149 Canadian. Even though it is less than it’s competitors, $549.99 is still out of the price range of many consumers. If you are not willing to drop over half a grand and are too impatient for prices to drop to wait, you might be interested in our list of VR headsets under 100 dollars Canadian.

The idea of this headset is that instead of having to purchase anything else, you already have the gaming console. That’s how cheap VR headsets manage to put their prices so low. They pair with your smartphone. This device pairs with your gaming system. The introductory price of the PlayStation 4 was $399 US when it first released. That’s exactly the same price that the VR headset is being released for. They have done their research and I predict they will have huge success.

Sony makes it easy for you to try before you buy

The official PlayStation website has an awesome search feature that lets you find out exactly where to try out the VR system before you pony up over 500 bucks. Just type in your postal code on their site and find one near you.

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